Helping Survivors Trauma and Abuse

Helping survivors of trauma and abuse  – Worldwide – Within football, sports, and All other areas.

2 films that I am following on social media:

  • The Hunting Ground (2015) About Campus rape in America
  • Spotlight (Academy Award Winner 2016) About child abuse in church’s



The workbook I wrote – MY SILENCE IS BROKEN – Helping survivors

Now available on AMAZON and Kindle version across the world.


Gary Sellors is passionate about the work that he does when working with children, adults or even animals that have been affected by violence and or traumatic sexual experiences over a short or very long time period.

This workbook can be done in any order, which is relevant to the person reading it, there are no timescales. It is important that the person reading this book does the work on their own, although if they feel comfortable, would be nice to share with a trusted friend, parent, partner or just anyone that needs the support.

With this workbook and the focused exercises, you will discover, deeper meanings, thought-provoking insights leading to a different understanding of the experience you went through. Therefore, gaining newfound confidence, support, inner strength and that puts you back in control of your life and relationships.

June 2015. The BBC news reported that there were not enough therapeutic interventions being offered for people affected by Sexual Abuse, Rape and Child Exploitation. This workbook is that offer of intervention help.


2017 – Copies have been sent to The FA, The Guardian Newspaper, NSPCC, Childline

Available on AMAZON and Kindle – This way works wonders, as no one needs to know that survivors have got this book. Results are showing that the survivors are then doing the exercises in the workbook. Then understanding why it happened, they then don’t blame themselves. Learn forgiveness. They then are telling someone else and getting good support.


Contact me now, to discuss your story and get a better understanding of what happened to you. first 30 minutes – FREE.

This can be done 1-2-1 or via Skype or Zoom. Tel; 0754 204 3156


I have been contacted by survivors in New Zealand, where there is no AMAZON – If this is you – please email me – I will help you get a copy

Supporting charity groups and centres across the world – #itsOnUs #consentproject #thehuntinground @MaleSurvivorORG

I specialize in helping survivors of sexual abuse and rape – Ongoing current Enhanced DBS April 2019 – Insured and qualified – Full confidential.

Currently writing a 3rd update on the book. This will include chapters on #MeToo – The White flowers campaign, Harvey Weinstein and the Times Magazine Winners 2017 #thesilencebreakers