Phone – 0754 204 3156 – Bristol            wellbeingconsultant@hotmail.co.uk

As featured and interviewed by Simon Mayo on The Simon Mayo show on Scala Radio May 2019

Follows the guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (N.I.C.E).


These are just a few ways that I can help you:

  • Become a Better Version of Yourself
  • Develop an I CAN DO Attitude
  • Goal Setting; from a new career direction to optimum lifestyle
  • Modern Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Smash Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Beliefs and Values Realignment
  • Declutter Your Mind
  • Mindset Shift
  • Personal Development
  • Life and Professional Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Professional and In-House Training
  • Business and Executive Coaching
  • Energy Balancing
  • Find Your Life Purpose
  • Heal The Past
  • Focus On The Future
  • Visualization Skills
  • Personal Breakthrough Sessions
  • Spiritually
  • Relationships
NHS provider number 30019246   /   BUPA provider number 8G358

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“Gary is an inspired teacher. I am constantly impressed by the depth of his knowledge and his unerring ability to communicate this understanding vividly and – often by necessity – patiently. When I attended this course I thought was going to learn how to practice NLP. I never dreamt I would also receive so much insight into the nature of the mind and behaviour. A personal and professional milestone in my life”. Julie Wicks – Director of Studios – Elstree Film & Television Studios


I like to work on an intuitive basis using a chosen therapy or therapies, which will be the very best one for you. My main aim is to help you to be Extra-Ordinary and overcome any obstacle(s) that may be holding you back. Very possibly at this point, like me, YOU would be asking yourself, I wonder if you can help me with my issue that I Now want to let go.

“What we need, What we want at the moment, Just give yourself something different each take and see what happens” ~ Brad Pitt

How much has your unwanted behaviour or thoughts cost you so far? Do you want to continue ‘stuck in rut’ and getting the same results?
Get in touch now or later, and let’s get you where you want to be, email me or phone to get started.

Feb 2017 Podcast from Australia about Animal Healing

Please feel free to contact me, in complete confidence, for more information or any questions. If I am on the voicemail I am likely to be with a client so please do leave your name and contact number and I will return your call as soon as I can.


I am on the left out on the pitch in the NFL at Wembley Stadium 2018

Phone – 0754 204 3156 – Bristol next to IKEA – Free Carparking

Email – wellbeingconsultant@hotmail.co.uk

Sessions are 1-2-1 or on Zoom, Skype

 NHS and BUPA provider numbers

Animal Healing from Gary – Facebook @thescienceofanimalhealing

                                               Holistic website  – https://garysellorsholistictherapies.org/

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Inspiring People To Reach Their Full Potential – Animal Healer – Psychic | find us on Healthypages

Reiki for Animals and Humans – Aura Therapy – Psychic – Management Coaching | find us on Reiki Pages

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